City Issues Extreme Cold Weather Alert

Being establishe 35 years ago LifeStation is a reputable and respected company in the medical alerts industry. A Florida State University research team is currently working on an Android device to be worn by the user that not only can be used as a typical medical alert monitoring system but has fall detection software built into it. 4 The system is designed to monitor the users location, position, and movement in the event a fall occurs.

It also has a one-of-a-kind fall detection system that automatically sends a signal to the customer center about the probability of a fall so that you need not fret Best Medical Alert Systems Ratings about your inability to talk or move in case something happens.

This offers the convenience of being able to use the base unit for in-the-home emergencies, while the device you wear offers the flexibility of having an alert system in the shower, in the yard or even while relaxing in your home.

If such a professional were to see one of our medical identification bracelets, he or she would then choose to administer a different type of drug, preventing a potentially fatal dose of a dangerous allergen.

The Federal Communications Commission sent an urgent advisory Tuesday urging stations to reset their alert system passwords, disconnect their Internet connections and take other steps to make sure the equipment is protected from outside attack.

I have been working at a medical facility(sub-acute unit) for over 12 years, and fall awareness/preventions is among one of the many education programs that I have been involved in. Over the years, from what we have learned from a lot of the older patients who have sometimes experienced multiple falls, most of them are either living alone, or were usually home alone during the daytime, when they fell.

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