An Impartial View Of portion of the New Hair Institute - a global innovator in Hair Transplant technology, Hair Restoration surgery and Hair Transplant scientific research and also patent holders for the core ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant technologies, supplies the best Hair Transplant expenses available and have the very best Hair Transplant testimonials. With offices in Los Angeles, they often times treats movie and Television celebrities, heads of state, people on the Fortune 1000 list, everyday glowing blue collar workers, and women and men of all ages.

With the Hair Restoration Worldwide Market Size of at the very least $1.9 Billion (source: International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 2013 Practice Census) the launch of a joint venture partner Program (Industry First), allows one to make money marketing services in this rapidly growing room. Europe experienced the biggest increase in the amount of procedures of 39% (source: ISHRS 2013 Computer 2010 to 2012). Causeing this to be is really a huge opportunity.

Building a globally capable Tresses Restoration company and making the huge financial and time commitments required is out of the question for several but the hardly any. The Affiliate System allows anyone including business owners, associations, clubs and charities to benefit from marketing the New Hair Institute.

The has been centered on reducing the Hair Transplant Cost and contains priced the ARTAS® Robotic Tresses Transplant program accordingly. The ARTAS® provides automated follicular device extraction (FUE) which assures sufferers and consumers excellent and comfortable treatment with little recovery period. See our Locks Restoration reviews for comments from customers. One lately said "My locks transplant medical procedures with NHI was pain free - I’d didn’t anticipate that but will certainly recommend it to others now!"

Dr. William R Rassman M.D. is really a board certified surgeon, the founder of the New Hair Institute and may be the esteemed inventor of most of today ‘state of the art’ hair transplant strategies. His teachings, publications and pioneering strategies have revolutionized the industry as we know it nowadays. Contained in his landmark achievement were the Megasession (big session hair transplants) in 1994 where he had been the first to perform over 4000 hair transplant grafts in solitary session while other doctors were performing just a few hundred huge ‘plugs’. He was furthermore the first ever to define the dense packing of grafts (1994) where really small grafts were tightly placed in to the patient’s recipient region and the now standard Follicular Device Transplant FUT (1995) and he defined Follicular Device Extraction FUE (2002) technology. He a professional inventor and holds a large number of U.S. and worldwide patents. In 1969, he finished the commercialization of the Intra-aortic Balloon pump (1969) that is used because the standard heart assist pump in every coronary care unit on the planet, saving plenty of lives every year.

Dr. Rassman in addition has received the Governor’s Award from the Vermont Council on Entire world Affairs, National award for contributions in Energy Advancement and the prestigious Golden Follicle Award, the Tresses Societies’ recognition for being the most outstanding cosmetic surgeon of the year.

Dr. Jae Pak is really a pilot and engineer who designed fiber optic illuminators and light systems which are used across the world. He could be a board Authorized Emergency Medicine Physician and works 4 to 5 times per month at a trauma hair restoration specialist center in Downtown LA to keep up with his medical abilities. He is co-inventor with Dr. Rassman on the patents that evolved into ARTAS® program for robotic system hair transplant surgery.

Dr. William R Rassman M.D. and Dr. Jae Pak are usually both coauthors of HAIR THINNING and Replacement for Dummies and both can be found to the mass media for interviews.


Part of the New Hair Institute Medical Group - a world leader in Hair Transplant technology, Hair Restoration surgery, Hair Transplant clinical research in addition to inventing ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant technologies, offers the best Hair Transplant cost with the best Hair Transplant testimonials in the field. They hold regular Hair Transplantation Open House events where prospective individuals can meet actual patients who had their Hair restored. Simultaneously they can see the different procedures being performed and see a doctor, free of charge, at one of these events.

Terms & Conditions apply and are available on request, for more details please e mail us here:

Toll Free: 800-NEW-HAIR (800-639-4247)

Local: 310-553-9113

New Hair Institute Medical Group

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