Deacon Thomas Frankenfield

Much coverage has been given recently to Americans that suffer from Asthma. Most forms of our suffering are the results of inventions of our own minds, and our inability to deal with our thoughts and emotions. In these two verses, Paul lists several types of suffering — mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. We have HOPE that all suffering will be relieved when we go to spend eternity with God. Once we're in the right frame of mind, our suffering changes from being something that could destroy us, to something that can build us up into something stronger and more productive than we were before. In other words it is our outgoing nature and our dependence upon things and objectivity from which we experience suffering in a state of duality. And neither does it mean that Scripture doesn't tell us how to think about our suffering now.

Instead, learn to observe suffering as a detached but compassionate observer, and use the skills you develop to deal effectively with the suffering around you. But according to the teachings of the Buddha, a perfect way to free ourselves from suffering, is to relieve the sufferings of the mind and consequently the suffering of the body. And how Jesus is the one who removes our transgressions and gives us hope of eternal life where there is no Suffering. The reason is that for the Buddhist the practical aspect of sin and suffering might make sense to them rather than the theoretical aspect. I think the problem is that I didn't know what you meant by meta suffering at deal with suffering that time, so I was unable to evaluate the claim that the topic is valuable to most people. The mistakes we make in life teach us not to repeat the same error again or show us how to deal with the same kind of situation should it come up again.

It is necessary, essential in fact as a condition of possibility, but it must be done in obedience (meaning without closing oneself to it in any way nor attempting to save oneself even while one remains open) to the One who CAN save and redeem this suffering.

Most of what I've found so far deals only with how to manage one's own selfish" suffering. This form of therapy is most beneficial as it helps the individual face the problem head on as well as provide the patient the tools to confront any other anxiety problems that may manifest in the future.

Our actions and beliefs, or a lack of them, heaps additional burdens on us as we cope with suffering that is a condition of existence. We naturally try to avoid suffering at all costs but God brings suffering in our lives for the sake of our eternal joy — yes, even glory. For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

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